The use of modern IT and software solutions enables optimal usage and utilization. Standardized IT-supported processes ensure a smooth process. Coupled with our experience, we ensure optimum quality.

Our storage capacity is for goods in need of refrigeration as well as non-refrigerated goods. Especially due to the different temperature zones of the warehouse, we can take a variety of products and deliver them if necessary. Ideal for companies in southern Germany, Austria or Switzerland, as goods in need of refrigeration can be delivered quickly, standardized and in a short way.

Modern software solutions 

The software-supported organization of the storage bin enables sustainable and accurate planning. In addition, it allows you to complete standardized work processes to ensure quality. A lot of time and money is saved. 

The right storage for every requirement 

Our warehouse offers different temperature zones to store not only industrial goods but also refrigerated goods. Even pallets outside the norm find their place here. 

More value for our customers

In our portfolio we offer software-based picking and repacking. A great value for you.