… are for us as Spedition Riedle priority number one! As family owened and operated logistics provider with IFS- and eco certificate we are specialized in warehousing and freight forwarding in the food industry sector. In the outbound we have an transport volume of about 200.000 tons per year. To guarantee our high service & quality standard, we provide 90% of our transport volume with our own fleet, equipment and staff. Only 10% of our transports are operated by partners, who have proven their reliability over years. Like that we can monitor, control and guarantee our processes for short reaction times regarding short-term requirements of our customers. With our network and close cooperation with other medium-sized companies, we can offer the full set of logistics services without any difficulty to our customers.


You will find us in Leutkirch im Allgäu, on the A96 between Memmingen and Lindau. The location directly on the A96 favors shorter transport routes to home country and abroad. The border proximity to Austria and Switzerland is equally beneficial for our customers, who want to transport their goods worldwide beyond the borders of Germany.




Magnus Riedle, the grandfather of the today's owner, founded the company in 1932 in Leutkirch/ Allgäu. The first transports were for the wood industry, bringing the raw materials from the forests to the sawmills. In the 50's there was a change in transports to building materials and animal feed. In 1976 the company used for the first time a classic trailer for raw a material transport for cheese production in the beginning of the 80's, actively refrigerated trailers were used.



The success story of the company goes even further: In 1990, a forwarding facility with a 2,000 sqm warehouse and a workshop with attached laundry hall and social rooms was built in the industrial park "Untere Auen" in Leutkirch on a 25,000 sqm plot, which together once again 1,350 sqm include. Seven years later, the warehouse had to be extended by another 1,000 square meters, with the extension being equipped with a C-cooling system (+4 to +6 degrees).

Due to the continuously increasing food business, a part of the non-tempered hall was equipped shortly afterwards with cooling technology (for + 4 ° to + 6 ° C) and rows of shelves and at the same time the first cooling system for temperatures from 0 ° to + 2 ° C was retrofitted. In order to do justice to the continuing growth in the dry goods sector, the construction of a 1,800 m² hall was completed in 2003 and expanded by another 1,400 m² in 2009. With this expansion, storage bottlenecks were avoided, and leased out-door warehouses have since been virtually eliminated.

In 2016, the last step to date was the construction of a new cold storage and dry storage warehouse for a total of 3,200 sqm.

In 2018, the warehouse area will be expanded by another 1,200 euro pallets for a total of 1,000 square meters.